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1SITE, the all-in-one Website creator software: 1 site is 1 file! Get it now and create your Web site in minutes... 
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1Site LITE is a professional easy-to-use Web site creator software. Get it now and start creating your Website in minutes! 
With 1SITE you will create Internet pages quickly and efficiently. Take advantage of our great offers, now it is only USD $89.90 (regular price $110)! 
Get 1 site now, create your Web site in minutes! 
Main features and benefits: 
- fast and easy to use; 
- fully visual, no coding, no HTML; 
- can manage a whole site as a single file (you don’t need to continuously load and save pages, as you act on a whole document, even for searches and revisions); 
- simultaneous browsing and editing (you can browse links with a double click); 
- visual linking, with active previews, even when you show separate windows and/or insert complex frame-to-frame links; 
- internal Internet publishing (FTP), with automatic detection of modified pages; compatible with any browser! 
- hundreds of functions: frames with drag & drop, mouse over sensible images, hot spots, header and footers, styles, advanced frame set management, slides, keywords, internal album, forms and much more... 
- visual shopping cart; 
-  easy Flash™ insertion; 
- main functions very similar to standard Word Processors ones, reduced learning time; 
- advanced functions available for experts: you can insert HTML and so on... 
- fast and smart, can run yet on a old PC; for Windows, all versions 
-  plugin capabilities (e.g. 3D Buttons
It is designed to save you time and effort. 
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Our customers say (from our records): 
"I had no knowledge at making a website. I ordered 1SITE and now I feel that I have learned so much. It's very easy to use, the instructions are clear and if you don't understand something, the company is there to help anytime, as well as a help forum. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to build a great looking, professional Web site with ease." - Marianne Halvorson, Thief River Falls, USA 
"I am a satisfied user of 1SITE, and have successfully designed my company Website using your software." - Ken Farmer, San Francisco, USA 
"I have been using 1SITE for about four months now and would recommend it unreservedly. The product is easy to use, has powerful features that you would find in any of the so-called top end editors, the on-line support was terrific, and the price was very very reasonable when you consider how much professional web designers charge. I tested about 7 other products before discovering this. I nearly gave up, but after finding it I was very pleasantly surprised and successfully built my wife's website. Fully recommended." - Jude Cooper, Chesapeake, USA 
"I am not only impressed by the program, I am actually enjoying working with it. I have used FrontPage in the past, and also Trellix, but I prefer the 1SITE! Great program! - And, you can quote me on that - I would have no hesitation in recommending it to others!!" - Paul Snizek, Mehednti, Romania 
What more can we say? The program is very easy to use and will allow you to create your Website in an extremely short time. Furthermore, it is powerful and effective: we built the Web pages you are viewing right now by using 1SITE! 
Always know that we are here to help you, so feel free to contact us and ask questions, if you can't find the answers on the program manual or in the FAQ section. We do our best to explain how everything works and to give you all of the details step by step. We want you to be successful building your own Web site!  
Get it now, we accept: Credit card (*any* credit card), Check, Money Order, Postal Money Order, Cash and PayPal. Also orders by phone/fax. Just click "Buy now!
Get 1 site now, create your Web site in minutes! 
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Get 1 site now, create your Web site in minutes! Get the 1site CD now, create your Web site in minutes! CD sent from USA Get the 1site CD now, create your Web site in minutes! CD sent from EU